Agency Questions

How can I participate?

You only need to be an Agency or School Partner of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. That is, an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 (or equivalent) that holds at least one fund with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

Beyond that, participation in CFO-led Give Ozarks workshops is strongly suggested. All participants will need to create a user account at or, and agencies will need to fully construct their Give Ozarks agency page.

What if I am not currently an Agency or School Partner of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks?

We welcome new Agency Partners. The best, first step would be to speak with a representative of your local affiliate board, or contact Julie Leeth in the CFO's Springfield offices ( to see about setting up a fund. As of December 2014, all first-time agency funds opened with the CFO require a starting balance of $500.

How can I participate in the CFO's Give Ozarks Endowment Matching Program?

The $100,000 the CFO is making available for endowment matches for (up to) 20 pre-selected agencies (up to $5,000, 1:1 match per agency) on Give Ozarks Day is from our community grantmaking budget. Therefore, the (up to) 20 participating agencies will be selected by a committee, consistent with our other grant cycles. The application deadline for this opportunity is 5 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017, and selected agencies were to be notified in early February.

Agencies not selected for this matching program may still raise funds for endowment purposes and compete for other matches and prizes on Give Ozarks Day.

Will there be other prizes available to all Give Ozarks Day participants?

Yes! We again have cash prizes and incentives on Give Ozarks Day. Examples include "lottery-style" drawings for agencies receiving donations in a particular hour; or a prize for the most unique donors in a given time period or the entire day. A full list of prizes will be avaialble soon here.

For prize purposes, what is an "individual donor"?

A unique donor is an individual donor. One person giving one gift is a unique donor. One person giving three separate gifts is still one unique donor. We will use this metric for many of our prizes (both hourly and full-day cumulative) to avoid the situation where donors "shred" their donations (10 $10 donations instead of one $100 donation) to give an agency a better chance of winning a prize. If a donor gives to two separate agencies within a given hour, the donor WILL count as an individual donor for both agencies. This method serves to level the playing field among agencies, so a student's $10 gift is counted equal to a deep-pocketed donor's $1,000 gift. New donors and broad reach are top priorities for Give Ozarks Day.

Is there a minimum donation?

Yes. This year's minimum donation will be $5 per gift.

When will I receive my prize money?

For pre-set prizes or incentives covering a specific period of Give Ozarks Day, we will do our best to allocate those funds to your total as soon as they are earned, so that those dollars count toward your end-of-day total. Prizes and matches earned for full-day results (most individual donors or total dollars raised, for example) will be added to your total after Give Ozark Day ends, and will therefore NOT be included in your live, end-of-day totals, but rather in your final transfer.

The CFO and its sponsors retain the right to make final determinations on all prize money awarded.

If I'm selected to participate in the endowment match program, when will I receive my endowment match money?

Your endowment match money will be pre-loaded, and will dole out dollar-for-dollar as you earn donations on Give Ozarks Day. Money submitted prior to Give Ozarks Day will be matched immediately. (For example, if you are participating in the matching program and get $1,000 to us prior to Give Ozarks Day, you'll start the day with $2,000 on your board.)

What if my agency already has an endowment with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks?

No problem! You are welcome to add to an existing endowed fund, or open a new one. Conversely, if you only have an endowment fund with the CFO and want to participate in Give Ozarks for a project or operational monies, you would need to open the appropriate type of capacity fund. Contact Julie Leeth at for assistance with that.

What if I raise more than $5,000 for the endowment-matching program? Will CFO match a higher total?

No. CFO will match the first $5,000 dollar-for-dollar, but will not match donations above that. You are, of course, welcome to raise more!

Does my agency have to reach a specific goal or donation total during Give Ozark Day?

No. You will keep (net of fees) whatever amount is donated to you during Give Ozarks.

Is there a competitive/review process if I decide to raise funds for a specific project or operational dollars?

No. Only the CFO's endowment-matching program is competitive.

If I am selected for the endowment-matching program, can I also raise funds for operational expenses?

Yes, if you think you can adequately promote and raise funds for both goals. You will need to have two separate pages on the day of the event; the Give Ozarks website will not allow donors to choose between two different initiatives on a single page. If you do the endowment-matching program AND another goal, we highly suggest trying to reach your endowment match ahead of Give Ozarks Day so you can focus on the operational or project-based goal the day of the event.

What fees are associated with participating in Give Ozarks Day?

The transaction fee for 2017 will be 2.2 percent per gift, plus .30 cents per transaction, and a 1 percent fee to the CFO at the time of transfer after Give Ozarks Day. So, for instance, if someone gives you $100, $2.50 (2.2 percent plus 30 cents) will go to Stripe, meaning you net. $97.50. The CFO will then assess a fee .98 cents (97.5 cents rounded up). Donors have the option of increasing their donation by the fee amount to help offset the cost, and most do.

Are totals showing on the Give Ozarks website NET or GROSS of fees?

All totals visible to the public on Give Ozarks Day are GROSS of fees, and represent each donor's full donation. You can find an accounting of all fees, and your post-fee totals, in the administrative dashboard side of the software. You will be shown how to access this information at or before our March 23 training.

Will CFO match my donations BEFORE or AFTER fees?

The CFO's endowment match will be based on GROSS donations, prior to fees being levied. So, if an agency raises $5,000, it will be feed at (up to) 2.2 percent + 30 cents per transaction in credit-card fees. However, the CFO will match the $5,000 total.

Can donors make donations to more than one agency in a single transaction?

Yes, donors will have the ability to make multiple gifts in a single transaction, which alleviates some processing costs. The amount allocated to your agency will appear on your total, count toward any prizes and trigger any matches just as a single donation would.

How will agencies be feed in the case of multiple gifts in a single transaction

If a donor makes more than one gift in a transaction, each agency will be feed 2.2 percent of its total. The extra 30 cents levied on the entire transaction will be split EVENLY among the agencies. So, if someone makes three gifts to three different agencies, each agency will be feed 10 cents (in addition to the 2.2 percent), no matter the amount of the gift.

What payment methods will the Give Ozarks website accept?

Our 100 percent secure online card processor (Stripe) accepts all major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. The Give Ozarks website is not equipped for PayPal or ACH transactions at this time.

What kind of promotion am I responsible for?

The CFO will provide coverage of Give Ozarks Day as a whole across the region. This will include media partners and promotion. Your success on Give Ozarks Day is predicated on how well you promote your participation via social media and your other resources to drive traffic to your individual Give Ozarks page. Your page will be searchable by name, location and category, and listed in leaderboards, from the home page, but CFO will not be doing any promotion for individual agencies. Additionally, as an agency, you are responsible for securing any sponsors or matching donations that would specifically support your agency.

Will there be promotional efforts specific to my town or area, if located outside of Springfield?

The CFO, for the first time this year, will help organize "micro-branded" promotional efforts for areas of the Ozarks with five or more nonprofits participating in Give Ozarks Day. These efforts will be coordinated via our affiliate foundations and branded according to the city, county or region participating (example, "Give to the Lake" or "Give Heartland" in our southeast area). These efforts will include microbranded logos, promotional materials, a specific "landing page" and url for just your area's agencies, and coordinated promotional efforts.

How do I know if a micro-branded giving day is occuring in my area?

Contact your local affiliate, or e-mail Lousie Knauer at

What do I have to do on May 9?

Everything you can! Participate in events in Springfield or the region, have a social-media strategy in place, have your biggest supporters ready and willing to make donations to get the day off to a good start—and then encourage them to tell other people about your agency's good work. You also need to keep a constant eye on your page and your donations as they come in, and communicate with CFO about any problems or questions you (or your donors) may have. Also, watch the homepage for news about when Mystery Hour prizes will take place and winners of prizes awarded on that day.

When will I get my toolkit from CFO for promoting Give Ozarks Day?

That toolkit will be available no later than the afternoon of Feb. 28, 2017, at It will likely grow between then and May 9 as more ideas and suggestions arise.

Should I create a new social media account for Give Ozarks?

We recommend leveraging the friends and followers you have already built rather than creating all-new social media accounts (CFO will be doing the same). Plan a "Give Ozarks takeover" (push your Give Ozarks news, change out your profile pic or avatar, etc.) for the day or week of the event.

Should I host an event?

If you want to, absolutely! The CFO will not be hosting an open-to-the-public event in Springfield this year (look for details on an event for participating agencies and sponsors soon). But if you do decide to host an event, please contact Louise Knauer at (417) 864-6199 and let us know!

If I already plan to make an annual transfer from one of my agency's funds to another, is this money eligible to be counted toward my endowment-match total, or as seed money to start the day?

Yes. Monies to be transferred from another account can count toward an endowment match OR appear on the Give Ozarks site as seed money. However, we need to know of your intent to transfer these monies NO LATER than Monday, May 1, which is the deadline for all off-site donations.

How do I handle donations made prior to Give Ozarks Day?

We fully support agencies raising "seed money" so they can start their day with either an incentive donation in place, or with some seed money already on the board. Whether they are made by check, cash or credit card, those funds must be deposited with the CFO and you must fill out a form (available soon) to make us aware that the gift is intended as a Give Ozarks Day donation, and whether it is an incentive/stretch gift or simply early money. We will then pre-load that money into your Give Ozarks account and, if it's incentive money, it will be distributed dollar-for-dollar as your donations come in.

What is the deadline for prior donations to be deposited in my fund?

We need those funds no later than Monday, May 1, to be guaranteed to show up accurately when Give Ozarks Day begins on May 9.

Am I responsible for acknowledging gifts made and deposited PRIOR TO Give Ozarks Day?

Yes. Only gifts made online at on May 9 will be automatically acknowledged for tax purposes by the CFO

If a matching gift is made, and is not met, will the donor get his or her money back?

No. Because donors immediately receive full tax acknowledgments for their gifts at the time of donation, all donations, whether made online or prior to Give Ozarks Day by check, are non-refundable. That's why it is important to use the term "stretch" or "incentive," when recruiting donors for these valuable gifts, rather than the term "match." Let these donors know that their gift will be leveraged to its fullest extent to raise 1:1 monies, but that it will be made in its entirety whether or not the goal is reached.

Are matched donations subject to fees?

Yes, except for any of the CFO's predetermined prize money and endowment matches. Funds provided via check or cash ahead of Give Ozarks Day will not be subject to the transaction fee, but will be subject to the 1 percent platform fee. Again, if the advance monies are for the permanent endowment funds, they will not be subject to the 1 percent fee.

Am I allowed to count cash or check donations taken ON May 9?

Checks or cash collected on Give Ozarks Day must be brought to the CFO by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 11, to count toward your final Give Ozarks total and will NOT be subject to an online transaction fee, but will be subject to the 1 percent platform fee (except for endowment funds). Note: These donations will not count toward any of the hourly matches or prizes, but WILL count toward cumulative, full-day prizes that count individual donors and total dollars raised. Cash and change collected from many individuals on Give Ozarks day (i.e. a jug at an event table or a classroom pass-the-hat) cannot be counted as individual donors; these donors will not receive individual gift acknowledgements, and the total sum of cash or change will count as only ONE individual donor.

Further, you will not be allowed to promote or leverage matches that have not already been deposited in your Give Ozarks account by the May 1 deadline. All day-of matching donations from third-party donors or businesses must be made electronically via your agency's Give Ozarks page.

When will our money raised on Give Ozarks Day be available?

Immediately following Give Ozarks Day, the CFO will begin reconciling the day's transactions, distributing all remaining prize and match money, and taking any cash or check donations agencies receive on Give Ozarks Day. We expect final totals to be announced by the Friday after Give Ozarks Day, and final transfers to be made to your selected CFO accounts within four weeks of Give Ozarks Day.

When will I know my final total, and get my list of donors?

You will see donation totals, including matches, with preliminary fee totals, in your Agency Profile at by the Friday following the conclusion of Give Ozarks Day. (NOTE: You obviously will see a running total on your page during Give Ozarks Day; while we anticipate this number being entirely accurate, it will be inclusive of fees and will not represent the final amount distributed to your account. It is, however, appropriate to use the pre-fee total as the publicized number for funds raised during Give Ozarks Day.) Your list of donors should be available for Excel export via your Agency Dashboard menu at by the Friday after Give Ozarks (May 12), if not earlier.

Does my organization need to send tax-acknowledgement letters to donors?

No, not for online gifts. The donor will immediately receive an email confirming the gift receipt from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks during the event. Note that all donations must be 100 percent tax deductible (no additional benefits). But we would encourage you to acknowledge donations by following up with donors to thank them and let them know what you will do with their donation. This applies to all online gifts. Any donations made ahead of time for pre-loading should be acknowledged by your agency, as should all gifts received via cash or check on Give Ozarks Day.

Does my organization need to send thank-you letters?

It would certainly be ideal to thank your Give Ozarks Day donors for their support. The system will send an automatic tax acknowledgement, but it does not send thank yous automatically. The Give Ozarks system has a feature that allows you to send a very simple thank you to your donors via the website. However, we suggest you also follow-up in a more personal manner, as your agency would any other donor.

Will my organization receive donor information for acknowledgments?

Yes. As with Cause Momentum, you will have access to donor names and information during and after the event. We ask that communications with all donors who publicly marked their gifts as "anonymous" remain minimal.

Can we encourage donations by giving away prizes or free gifts?

No. All gifts made during Give Ozarks Day must be 100 percent tax deductible. You cannot offer a premium for gifts made during an event. Small perks like stickers or plastic cups are okay.

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Donor Questions

How do I donate on Give Ozarks Day?

Go to You can search for a specific agency, view all of the participating agencies, or search by category for a particular area of interest. Once you decide to make a donation, click the "Donate Now" button on that agency’s page. After your gift is complete, it will be added to the agency’s total and the overall homepage total in real time.

To see a short step-by-step video of the donation process, please click here:

When can I give?

From midnight to midnight on Tuesday, May 9. All donation portals will automatically shut down when the clock strikes 12, so be sure to get last-minute gifts in.

What fees are associated with my gift?

The Give Ozarks secure credit-card processor, Stripe, will take a transaction fee of 2.2 percent plus 30 cents for every transaction recorded. There is also a 1 percent platform fee taken by the CFO at the time of distribution to your chosen agency on most donations except for endowment gifts. For "cart" transactions that include gifts for more than one agency, each gift will be charged a 2.2 percent transaction fee; the 30 cents will be divided evenly among the agencies, rounding up to the nearest penny for each agency in the case of an uneven split.

Can I help cover my transaction fees?

Yes! At checkout you will have the option to cover your own transaction fee, which is 2.2 percent of the total, plus .30 cents. (So, for example, if you give $10 and choose to cover your transaction, this will add 52 cents to your donation, so that the net amount coming to the agency more closely approximates your original intended gift. You can check or uncheck that box, depending on whether you want to cover your transaction fee.

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes. But you must check the "make my gift anonymous" box on the first page of the donation process.

Do you store my credit card information?

No, neither the CFO nor the agencies will have access to or retain your credit card information. You will need to re-enter your information for subsequent gifts.

Why do you want to know if I’m a first-time donor to the organization?

This box, the last one on the first page of the donation process, is purely for research and the agency’s information. We appreciate your honesty on this question.

Can I make donations to more than one agency with one transaction?

You can make multiple gifts in a single transaction, meaning you can give to more than one agency with a single payment on your credit card (as well as a single transaction fee of 2.2 percent plus .30 cents). Look for a short video on the right hand side of this page that explains this process.

If I make multiple gifts in a single transaction, how will that fee be split among the agencies?

Each agency will be feed 2.2 percent of its respective portion of the total. The 30 cent portion of the fee will be divided evenly among the agencies. So, for example, if you have three different agencies receiving donations from the transaction, each agency will pay 10 cents (plus its 2.2 percent). In the case where the 30 cents does not divide evenly (four, for example), the agency’s share will be rounded up to the nearest penny.

Are there prizes available to agencies on Give Ozarks Day?

Yes! We have $100,000 up for grabs! You can find a list of prizes, and the hours they will be decided, closer to Give Ozarks day at Every hour you give will help your favorite agency be eligible for a number of donor- and dollar-based prizes.

Will "shredding" my donations – i.e., making ten $10 donations instead of one $100 donation – help my favorite agency win prizes associated with "unique donors."

No! You will only count once as a "unique donor" each hour for each agency to which you donate, and only once for any day-long cumulative prizes.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes! To the fullest extent allowable by the IRS. You will receive a confirmation at the e-mail address you provide that also serves as your official notification for 2017 tax purposes. IF you create an account, rather than give as a guest, you'll be able to view your Tax History after logging into the account you created. Just go to (the parent site for Give Ozarks), click "Sign In." After you sign in click "Profile" and then "My Profile" at the top of the page. On your Profile dashboard you should see a "Tax History" tab.

Will my name appear on the agency’s page?

If you have not checked the "make my gift anonymous" box, then yes. Go back to your chosen agency’s Give Ozarks page and scroll to the bottom. All non-anonymous donors will be listed there.

Is there something I can share on social media or my website to explain to others how to give?

Yes! We would welcome your participation in sharing your gift and general information about Give Ozarks day. We encourage you to use the hashtag #GiveOzarks when you share on social media. You can also share donor videos.

More questions?

Additional FAQs intended for nonprofit participants are at:

You also can contact the CFO at; or call 417-864-6199.

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