On Tuesday, May 9th come CAMP 4 CAMP with us at our Program Services office located at 1721 W. Elfindale. Throughout the 24 hours, we will have fun camping related activities for the whole family to enjoy. Please consider making a donation to ensure each child can have a summer to remember.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 in 24 hours for our No Limits Summer Camp Program!

The Arc Foundation has committed to match each donation dollar for dollar up to $15,000.


Since The Arc of the Ozarks' beginning in 1964 the overall goal has been to bring about a significant change in attitude towards individuals with developmental disabilities. Operating as a nonprofit organization, we strive to hear the needs of individuals and families and explore ways to fund solutions that best meet those needs. Today, we serve the southwest Missouri community with a list of live, work, play and learn services including residential, employment, community integration, education and recreation, dual diagnosis services and autism services. 


No Limits Summer Camp provides a fun and safe summer experience for children and young adults ages 6-21 with varying disabilities. This experience provides a wide variety of activities designed to promote the educational and recreational interests of each camper.

No Limits incorporates therapeutic activities into every day. It provides an opportunity for kids to be just that, kids.


Testiomonial from Parent of No Limits Summer Camper

The Arc of the Ozarks No Limits Summer Camp is a wonderful program that is critical to parents of kids with autism.  My son has Aspergers and is also considered a flight risk which makes him unable to attend any other local program.  Without this Camp, my son must stay at home for the entire summer until school starts back up in August. With him at home, as a single parent I am unable to go to work.  More importantly, let me tell you what the No Limits Summer Camp does for my son.  It gives him socialization over the summer he wouldn't otherwise have, the opportunity to make new friends and work on his social skills/calming techniques.  This camp has taught him how to swim, build his self esteem, self confidence and even more importantly, learn how to handle stressful situations out in the community with large groups of people.  There aren't enough words to describe the incredible work this camp does and we would be lost without it.


  • No Limits Summer Camp meets for two sessions in June and July totaling 8 weeks.
  • Campers go on daily field trips which have included, Ride the ducks, Wild Animal Safari,Springfield Little Theatre, Stockton Lake, Incredible Pizza, and Dickerson Park Zoo.
  • Last year, the Education & Recreation Department had 74 campers in the No Limits Summer Camp Program.
  • 54% of campers who attended No Limits in 2016 had a diagnosis of autism.


The No Limits Summer Camp program provides a safe and therapeutic summer experience for children and young adults with disabilties. Every child deserves a summer full of activities and adventure. 



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