Our goal is to continue to fulfill our ongoing mission to promote the arts in our community and region through awareness, appreciation, education and support. Please help us in reaching this goal!

The Steelville Arts Council is a not-for-profit All volunteer arts organization. We lie in the beautiful foothills of the Ozark Mountains, with rivers and streams, hills and valleys, wildlife and birdsong. We are a very small rural community that doesn’t have easy access to the arts and culture that has made our country great.

We operate Gallery Zeke having  11 exhibits with art for sale each year. These shows include a high school student show, a college student show, a wood carving and woodcarvers show, a recycled art show and a photography show among others. Check us out on Facebook at Gallery Zeke

We also own and operate the 600 seat Meramec Music Theatre with high-end gospel and bluegrass, big band, country, local, and school shows. Go to our web page or check us out on Facebook at Meramec Music Theatre. We offer Artist in Residence and Art Intern opportunities. In addition, we sponsor a national Pottery show, an annual Plein Air painting event, a community Art in the Park event and an annual weeklong Quilt show. We offer gallery visits to local high school art programs to view our monthly exhibits and work with the students to understand the art and artist. Our Artists in Residence also conduct workshops in the schools and offer them to the public.

Do we affect our community?

  • When a 17 year old young man who would normally be more interested in cars and girls stands in front of a watercolor for half an hour and finally quietly says, “If I had the money, I would buy that painting.” It is then we know that we are affecting our community!
  • When volunteers who are not scheduled to work show up at a judging of paintings at the end of the day, because as one says “It’s like Christmas, with presents to unwrap each day.”, We know we affect our community!
  • When an art student from Steelville is accepted into the Chicago Art Institute and then brings her fellow students artwork back to our college art exhibit, we know we affect our community!
  • When people stop to take pictures of the Arts Council’s painted canoes, we know we have affected the community!
  • When artists from all over the country want to register in our events, we know that we are affecting our community and the region!
  • When one young Steelville woman says “The art in this community makes me proud to say I am from Steelville!” Then we know we have affected our community!

Each small pebble and deed dropped into a stream, affects the stream. We affect the waters of our community and region. We ask you to join us and support us, to affect our community and region with your donations online.


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