OAT will be hosting a free event from 5pm-8pm on May 9th with live entertainment (music, dancers, bands) at Cedar Street Playhouse, so come join us for the celebration! Kids of all ages (youth and oldsters) are welcome to the party! All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS.

 The mission of the Ozark Actors Theatre has always been to bring the powerfully positive and transformative experience of live theatre to Rolla, Phelps County and the South Central Missouri area. This experience would not have been possible without the performance home provided by the Cedar Street Playhouse.  “It has become an anchor for the arts in our community,” says Bill Bates, long-time Rolla resident and radio personality.  Please consider making a donation of any amount to help keep this cultural home a vibrant and viable performing arts center for many years to come.

 The Cedar Street Playhouse, a beautiful converted historic church in downtown Rolla, MO is in use year round by not only the OAT Company, but also Fine Linen Theatre, Stop Making Sense Improv and other area groups for events, full scale theatrical productions, meetings, and weddings. The Cedar Street Playhouse is truly our community’s auditorium.

Check out these fun and moving videos for more info:

Cindy Beger and Kim Nisbett

Bill Bates

Taylor Louderman

Hannah Bagnall

Heather Beger

Kevin Edwards

   The Cedar Street Playhouse has housed Ozark Actors Theatre, one of only three professional summer stock theatres in out-state Missouri, since its inception in 1987.  OAT has produced more than 100 shows, including a wide range of comedies, dramas, full-scale musicals and musical reviews. OAT draws tourists from throughout the state and beyond, with its summer stock season, summer children’s theatre academy, holiday shows and Performing Arts Series that brings a wide variety of performing arts to the community. The Performing Arts Series hosts musicians of all genres, Stop Making Sense Improv, dance, and cabaret performances.
   Previous fundraisers have enabled OAT to replace the out-of-code and aging stage door to a modern, code compliant, weather sealed door; to update the belfry exterior panels to weather resistant panels with an overlay of the comedy and tragedy masks; paint and seal the framing around the three stories tall, original south wall stained glass windows; update a bathroom by adding a donated sink and cabinet, paint the entire room and move a work sink to the paint storage room; and make modernization and energy efficiency upgrades to the lighting system.  


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