Everyday children in our community are being hurt. We can’t change what has already happened... but YOU CAN help change what happens next!

Once the abuse of a child has been reported, we hope the abuse has been stopped. However, that is not the end of the hurt and trauma these children are facing. There is a process, and they still have so many needs to ensure their safety, their justice, and their healing.

That is why Kids’ Harbor exists. We are a nationally accredited Child Advocacy Center with a mission to provide coordinated response, healing and prevention of child abuse. Kids’ Harbor fulfills this mission everyday by providing critical services, such as Forensic Interviews, Forensic Medical Exams, Advocacy, Counseling, and Education. We have been providing these child-friendly, trauma-informed, evidence-based services to victims of child abuse for over 16 years and we won’t stop until all children in our community are safe and cared for.

Kids’ Harbor needs your help to heal children!

While we have been providing these services for almost two decades, the field is ever changing and evolving. Research and experience is continually showing us ways to improve our programs and the ways we deliver these life changing (and often life saving) services. We need your financial support to help us enhance our current programs. For our staff to be experts in the field of child abuse treatment and protection, it takes a lot of on-going training and education. Your investment will help to assure we are continually following best practices and giving the children the very best opportunities to thrive…even after their trauma. Your support will also help provide important security updates for Kids’ Harbor’s centers. We need to reassure not only the children and families receiving services, but the team working hard to protect them, that their safety is a top priority.

Kids' Harbor is proud to serve our community and we are committed to making sure child abuse victims and their non-offending caregivers are able to receive these services without any financial burden and completely FREE OF CHARGE to them. But we can’t do it alone. The children are counting on us…and they are counting on you!


Learn more about Kids' Harbor at


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