We are excited to announce our $2400 challenge provided by a Joplin NALA Read adult learner, a past Joplin NALA Read Board member, and a prominent Joplin business - Frank Fletcher Toyota.

These sponsors represent what we do - Reach Out, Meet Needs, and Serve Others.

Adult learners who desire to improve essential skills enabling them to reach their full potential + Joplin NALA Read advocates who know the impact of investing in adult literacy + Frank Fletcher Toyota who takes pride in our community and strives to stay involved and help out in any way they can = Changed Lives, Increased Options, and Hope.

And then multiply that impact times two! That's what makes giving on this day so special. If we raise $2400 it will double to $4800. But what really makes giving on this day so special? It’s knowing that caring folks are joining together to reach out, meet needs, and serve others.

Adult learners want the same thing as those who read well, to provide for themselves and their families.

Lupe is improving her English to increase job skills, Danny works with her tutor on reading and writing to pass an entrance exam for CNA training, Richard’s tutor helps him put his increased literacy skills to work as they practice filling out a job application, Katrina meets with a tutor for reading and math as she prepares to take the High School Equivalency exam.

That’s really why your donation is so important, because closing the door on illiteracy opens the door to opportunities that give access to a better life and make our community strong.