DCO provides therapies to babies and toddlers in Greene, Christian, Stone, and Taney Counties. Last year - we provided speech, physical, occupational, and developmental education therapies to more than 1,600 kids right here in your area!

Many kids getting this help will have 10 hours of therapy in one month. DCO Therapists work closely with the child's caregivers (parents, daycare/preschool teachers, grandparents, guardians, etc.) to develop and achieve goals. Caregivers are involved in every therapy session as these services are provided in the child's natural environment - like home, the park, day care center, and the like.

One hour of therapy = $100

One month of therapy = $1,000

No child who qualifies for therapies is ever turned away due to a family's ability (or lack of) to pay for any part of the service. Most kids enrolled at the moment are able to acces additional government assistance so the burden on the family isn't as great. 

DCO fundraises for this program to help offset costs we assume on behalf of the family in relation to providing this service. 

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At 2 years old, Jasper (pictured above) has a smile that warms the heart and more determination than most adults! He has to work very hard to play with his favorite toys, and that is just what he does!

Jasper was born with hip dysplasia and Dystonia, a condition that doesn't allow his muscles to cooperate the way they should. His body is in constant motion and it requires a lot of focus and effort to overcome the tone in his muscles to make his body do what he wants it to, like play with balls and his trains.

Jasper has learned to move around his home by rolling to where he wants to be.  While supported in a sitting position he reaches down to pick up cars and gets them up to the ramp all on his own while working hard to control his trunk, head and arm. He enjoys putting his toys in containers and his trains on the track.  Jasper is able to play ball by focusing to reach out and push the ball.  All of the things that may come easy to other children, Jasper has to really work for, like pushing his cars, turning the pages of his favorite books and putting the balls in his gum ball machine.  Jasper is not yet able to say words but he has learned to communicate with his parents and therapists by using facial expression and eye contact, and he is very clear about what he wants.....or doesn't want. He definitely knows how to tell us he's done! The next exciting steps for Jasper will be learning to use a simple eye gaze system of communication, standing in his stander and walking in his gait trainer. Success is certain because Jasper won't give up until he's mastered it!

Jasper's smile and determination always inspire us and make visits a pleasure. He has received PT, OT, Speech and Special Instruction through First Steps but he does the HARD work. We can't wait to see what he conquers next!

Jasper's DCO Therapy Team