UPDATE! 5/9/2017 11:11 pm

WE DID IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have reached our #GiveJoplin Day goal! Any additional donations will be icing on the cake.

This year C2C is concentrating on raising Operational Funds. We are lucky to have an anonymous supporter that has pledged $5,000 in matching funds. This means that $5,000 = $10,000+ with YOUR help!

C2C is unlike any organization in the Joplin area – respected community arts agency, leader of the Joplin Arts & Entertainment Center initiative, and performing arts presenter. C2C is a not-for-profit arts organization founded in 2009 to enhance community through culture. C2C continues to grow audiences and develop resources that strengthen the arts, culture, and entertainment in the City. C2C strives to "ignite a passion for the arts, culture, and entertainment."

C2C supports the broad development of the arts and culture in Joplin through the creation and constant management of many resources aimed to increase community involvement and audience development. It provides support services to Joplin’s many visual and performing arts organizations, cultural organizations, and related public/private schools and university programming.

The C2C website ( organizes Joplin’s arts and cultural organizations into an all-inclusive online encyclopedia that requires regular maintenance. The website includes:

  • The Joplin Arts & Cultural Calendar compiles and details all performances, exhibits, and classes in Joplin. A twice-weekly e-newsletter including current calendar items is distributed, upon request, with a current distribution of 800+. Easy access to a reliable calendar has increased audience for the arts, helped arts organizations avoid scheduling conflicts, and led to additional coverage by local media.
  • The Joplin Arts Directory showcases all arts businesses and organizations,
  • A photographic Public Art Directory with locations specified, and
  • Joplin Arts News, which highlights current events.

On a daily basis, C2C collaborates and advocates for 30+ arts organizations. This collaboration has allowed C2C to gather stories that need to be told. By highlighting opportunities and events through social media, arts calendars and news, artistic efforts of the community are in constant view.

C2C also hosts “C2C Arts Roundtables,” an annual series of professional development workshops that teach best practices for arts organizations, businesses, cultural institutions, and arts-interested folks. On top of that, it constantly collaborates with other organizations to develop new artistic offerings (i.e. Coloring Book Club, Open Mic Poetry Night, National Arts & Humanities Month, etc.)

All resources provided by C2C are free of charge to the people who benefit by using them. 

In 2017, C2C will bring nationally touring performers to Joplin…stay tuned for the lineup to be released mid-May!

C2C is an innovative non-profit community arts agency that never stops dreaming big for Joplin's arts and cultural future. Please help support C2C's operating budget and grow the arts in Joplin with your generous gift!


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