Dive In & Support Camp Barnabas:

Goal: $10,000

“Dive in” and support the Barnabas Pool Project on Tuesday, May 9th as we host a “Pool Party” for Barnabas on the Lake!

The swimming pool is one of an essential component of camp and is instrumental in helping Camp Barnabas:

  • Foster a sense of community

  • Build fellowship

  • Connect socially with our campers

All money raised will go towards repairs, updates, and renovations to the existing pool for summer 2017. Our goal is to raise $10,000. We will:

  • Make underground structural water line improvements

  • Repairs to the waterslide

  • Paint the entire pool

  • Purchase and install a new diving board

We are asking you to say YES to Camp Barnabas. By doing so, you are saying YES to one of our 2,000 campers.

"Camp is everything to me. My friends don’t ask what’s wrong with me or treat me any different. They treat me like Chance and that is all I want." – Chance, age, 17, Barnabas Camper

Campers just like Chance feel accepted. They are encouraged to try new things. Campers are loved. They are reminded that they are wonderfully and perfectly created.  Each and every day, they are told YES you can. Yes, you can live a life of purpose. 

YOUR gift will make an immediate impact. Our generous friends of Camp Barnabas have offered a $2,500 dollar for dollar matching gift opportunity.  

Thank you for helping to change the lives of those with special needs and chronic illnesses.


Who We Are:

Camp Barnabas goes beyond one week at summer camp. The Barnabas experience changes perspectives and redefines disability and truly change lives.  We are a unique ministry providing a Christian camping experience for children and adults with special needs, chronic illnesses, physical or intellectual challenges and their siblings from June to August each summer.

Camp Barnabas is passionate not only in changing the lives of those with special needs and chronic illnesses, but also in changing the lives of all who come in contact with Barnabas: campers, siblings, missionaries, parents, staff, and donors.


Barnabas Facts:

  • Each summer, Camp Barnabas serves over 2,000 campers and more than 2,500 volunteers over 9 weeks.

  • Approximately 30,000 campers and their siblings have come to Camp over the last 22 years.

  • Camp activities and experiences are adapted so every camper can participate. A few of those activities include canoeing, zip lining, archery, paintball, boating, ropes course and outdoor excursions.

  • On average, 60% of camper families request tuition assistance every year and it is projected that 70% of families will need help this summer.


Ways to Help:

  1. Donate anytime on Tuesday, May 9th, every gift will help!

  2. Share Camp Barnabas on Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Challenge your family, friends, and coworkers to Dive In!


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